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think I’ll be taking a few day hiatus from tumblr… or at least will be very quiet. heads up. I just need a break.


I think this was one of the first homestuck related things I drew?? Dang.

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my grandma just walked up behind me and went “oh haha is that your korra cartoon”


yes, grandma


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Asker Anonymous Asks:
hey. so i have this cousin of mine who loves 50shades and describes chirstian grey as someone who is "really nice once you get to know him" (???? what ???). anyway, i haven't read the book but have read a lot about the book and can see through the fuckery. but since i'm young while she's an adult and also because i haven't read the trilogy, she thinks i can't make my mind up about it or judge it. HOW DO I ARGUE. thank you.
veganshithead veganshithead Said:

I refused to waste my time reading that drivel, but here’s a good article about it from someone who did read all the books, and it covers a lot of the serious issues. Trigger warnings out the wazoo.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
that thing you just reblogged about the 50 shades thing.( not boot stabbing with a fork) was that sarcastic? I don't mean to sound silly, but the part about controlling relationships being attractive?
veganshithead veganshithead Said:

The post that was like “I can’t wait for the 50 shades movie?” Yes, absolutely, entirely sarcastic.

getting really sick of the “tomboy little girl has life-changing moment and suddenly puts on a dress and grows her hair out because she’s happier” trope…




DaJé Barbour by Danny Lang

this dude is unreal alien from utopia future 

He literally has golden eyes I’ve never been more jealous in my fucking life

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Captain Picard watches the season 2 finale.

*dies laughing*

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started OITNB with best friend, got 2 episodes in, she lost internet

promised not to watch more without her

I will not be like Larry